Upload Size on H-Sphere Windows Servers running on Onapp

Upload Size on H-Sphere Windows Servers running on Onapp/a>
Upload Size on H-Sphere Windows Servers running on Onapp

Here is how we managed to raise the limit of ASP requests using IIS6 running on-top of Onapp.

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Major Forum Update 06.12.2011

Forum.StabilityHosting.Com Major Update

Greetings! We have themed our forum, please join us for intelligent conversations regarding H-Sphere, OnApp, Linux, BSD, Solaris, and all things related to the Information Services Industry.

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StabilityHosting.com mentioned on OnApp.com

StabilityHosting.com mentioned on OnApp.com
Proud OnApp Customer!

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From PcMag.com: How to Defeat Lizamoon in One Easy Step

A new bit of malware has been making headway across the Internet, but is it really that big of a deal? You’ve probably seen the news that “Lizamoon,” an SQL injection attack designed to point your browser to a piece of fake security malware, had infected hundreds of thousands of pages across the Internet. And this includes links found within Apple’s iTunes itself… to a degree.

But here’s the deal: In order for the script to have any noticeable effect on your computer, you have to agree to allow it to work its unhealthy magic on your system, according to WebSense (video below). Simply visiting a site with injected code only redirects your browser to another site, and the social engineering takes over from there.

The simple solution: Don’t install unknown files! The more complex solution: Know what antivirusprograms already exist on your system, and know what they look like when they scan for and find files. If something says you have malware on your system, and this something looks nothing like applications you already have on your system, be suspicious!

In this case, a successful Lizamoon redirect takes you to a dummy pages that looks as if a large antivirus/anti-malware scan is taking place on your computer. Go figure, the scan finishes quite quickly, and a user is alerted that his or her machine might be compromised by various Trojan horse attacks and other cleverly titled malware. If a user is still playing ball, he or she can click on the simulated option to “remove” these malware apps, which then pulls up a simple download window for a “malware-removing” executable.

Still with us? Here’s the deal: If you push some common sense into the mix, you’ll notice that this entire process seems a bit fishy to begin with. Step one: A virus scan for Windows Explorer appears in your browser window. Step two: It finishes in lightning speed. Step three: You have to download a file–apparently via Windows Explorer, but using your browser’s standard download file prompt–to finish the deal.

In short, Lizamoon can’t do a thing to your system unless you let it.

The SQL injection attack on the initial site you were visiting, which itself prompts the redirect to the bogus scanning site, only works on this first web site. Lizamoon doesn’t hang out in your browser, or continually redirect you to fake sites, or install itself on your computer in a manner that doesn’t first require you to perform the action yourself.

And if you’re already running a piece of virus- or malware- scanning software like Microsoft’s Security Essentials (free), Sophos Anti-Virus (not free), or SuperAntiSpyware (free, but not a real-time scan), the file that the “Your computer is compromised!” site prompts you to download will be flagged for what it really is: Malware.

So what has Lizamoon taught consumers? Don’t let your browser con you into thinking that some kind of action is magically happening on your system, don’t trust this magical action if it takes less than 30 seconds to do or looks otherwise unknown to you, and run an up-to-date virus-scanner in the background of your system. Ta-da: Lizamoon defeated.


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Another Nice Review

WOW! Aaron at Stability Hosting has been a life saver for us. He has went way over the call of duty to provide expert support. I would highly recomend them for their outstanding service and support. Way to go Aaron – The best support that we’ve ever had from any company and we have been doing this since 1998. Thanks again!


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Windows Server 2008 x86/x64 Now Available


You can order Windows Server 2008 Cloud VPS’s now from our main site.  We offer configurations for both 32 and 64 bit installations.  Please contact us if you need a custom solution.

For more information on our plans click here.

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Setting up HSphere DNS at Stabilityhosting.com



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Powering the Cloud

At StabilityHosting we have been putting a lot of time into our cloud infrastructure lately. We have been looking at what various manufacturers have to offer and I am amazed at how dense computing solutions are becoming. Each manufacturer has recognized the need for a very dense solution for visualization and the hardware they are now producing is incredibly cool. Continue reading “Powering the Cloud” »

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Howto determine the number of ‘likes’ an arbitrary URL has on Facebook


Found this today and its kinda useful.  You can quickly determine the number of times people have ‘liked’ a URL on Facebook.  Just plug this URL into your browser, replacing www.google.com with the URL of your choice.


The output at this moment is a JSON object shown below:

“id”: “http://www.google.com“,
“shares”: 1074615

Have fun,


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New Website Online

Hey Everyone,

Our new website is all setup and online. Check it out here.

H-Sphere shared and reseller hosting plans are available.

Cloud VPS plans are available starting at $20 a month. We have fully managed plans available as well.



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